The Smiley Reilly Project

Sunday, March 27th, 2022

‘Round the World for Reilly is the main fundraising event for The Smiley Reilly Project.

Each March, our ‘Round the World for Reilly campaign hopes to involve as many people as possible in as many different locations as possible around the globe. The day aims to provide people with an opportunity to reconnect with friends and family for some fun, love, sunshine, and laughter.

All money raised goes to The Smiley Reilly Project!

So, what do you actually do?

The choice is yours! You can choose to walk, run, stagger, ski, cycle or stroll in memory of Reilly. Random past events for RTW4R include a retro 80s aerobics class, a helicopter flight, a trek up Mt Kosciuszko, snow shovelling … you’re only limited by your imagination. We’ve had solitary walkers, large groups, and family events, in towns and cities, at the beach, in the desert, you name it. All we ask is that you dedicate some of your day to doing something in honour of Reilly and in recognition of the bereaved families that we support near and far. It doesn't have to be a big thing, you could even dedicate your daily walk to your local cafe to us! Each year Reilly’s mum and dad and his brothers, Flynn and Liam, join a group in Brisbane walking through the Botanic Gardens, and adding Brisbane to the ‘Round the World for Reilly map.

How 'Round the World for Reilly started.

In 2016, an invitation was put out to a small network of friends to join a fun run in Melbourne to honour Reilly, the son of Raquel and Jonathan Hall, lost to SIDS in February 2015. Within two weeks, people from all corners of the globe made a pledge to participate in a fun run to be held in their own part of the world on the same day. On March 20th, 2016 around 600 people took part, encompassing 67 different locations across 17 countries, making this a truly global event.

Registrations for ‘Round the World for Reilly 2022 are now open! Pin your spot on our RTW4R map by registering as an individual, family or business (businesses will appear on the map and also feature on our social media sites). You can also choose to join one of our pre-organised events (the list is below the map). 

Don’t forget to click on the map pins below to see where in the world everyone is taking part in RTW4R 2022!

Looking to host your own special fundraising event? 
Contact us here, we’d love to help in your planning.

Pre-organised Locations

Join our Smiley Reilly co-ordinator Ash at 11.00am in the pirate park for a walk and a get together at the Bribie Island Hotel.
Join us at 10.00am for a walk in the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens followed by a gathering at the family-friendly Pig n Whistle Riverside for a drink and bite to eat.
Join our Smiley Reilly co-ordinator Richard at 11.00am at the Botanic Gardens north car park bridge for a walk followed by lunch at the Pegasus Arms.
Join our Smiley Reilly co-ordinator Sherrie at the Pirate Park at 8am for a walk around the lake. Feel free to stay on after for a coffee and kids play time.
Join our Smiley Reilly co-ordinators Penny & Rich at the National Herbarium of Victoria, Royal Botanical Gardens at 11.00am for a walk/run followed by a picnic catch up.
Join our Smiley Reilly co-ordinator Lara on for a walk from Trigg Beach to Scarborough Beach. Meet at 9.00am at Canteen Trigg for a morning coffee or juice kickstart before we set off.


Pac piners
Brisbane – City Botanic Gardens
Jimbo’s clan
Brisbane – City Botanic Gardens

Thank you for all you do and the difference you make in the lives of others. Reilly will always be remembered 💙

The Woodys
Business/Organisation Sponsor
Westridge Goods
Upper Coomera
The Gillarneys
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Arlo, Brendan and Courtney are so excited to participate, this year from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Wendy Kevin Kerry-Anne and Keanan-Miles Helene

As always sending huge hugs and best wishes from our family in London to yours ❤

Bribie Island
Bribie Island – Crest Park
The Woodys
Leena H
Co Wexford, Ireland
Rob Kann
Crystal Waters

A privilege to Walk for Reilly again.


Happy Round the world for Reilly day

Nat, Andy, Jilly and Jazzy
Melbourne – Royal Botanic Gardens
Too Jolly
Melbourne – Royal Botanic Gardens
reuben giles
Melbourne – Royal Botanic Gardens

offering my support to this wonderful foundation

Nathan McBain
Central Park, New York

Hitting Central Park once again! The Big Apple is back!

Pet and Archie
Scone, NSW

So proud to be involved in this amazing event every year – love checking in with everyone ‘Round the World for Reilly.

Business/Organisation Sponsor
Fernie school-aged care
Fernie BC

Looking forward to our amazing race field trip this spring break !

Business/Organisation Sponsor
Starting Strong
3086 beechmont road , witheren

Starting Strong families are looking forward to their amazing race and walk-a-thon !

Colette Wall
Forest Lake – Pirate Park
Andy Major
Bratislava – Slovakia
Melbourne – Royal Botanic Gardens
RTW4R2022 – Christchurch
Christchurch – Botanic Gardens
Pen, Rich, Harley & Jamie
Melbourne – Royal Botanic Gardens

Looking forward to another great day especially as it’s for a fantastic organisation.

Rachel T.
Welsh Hills


Team Glas-Thompson
Berwick-upon-Tweed, UK

Walking the English/Scottish border, Team GT are Steph, Lee, Albert and dogs Jasper & Daisy. Sending love to all participants around the world 🌎❤

Christchurch – Botanic Gardens
Forest Lake – Pirate Park
Bergmans Forest Lake
Forest Lake – Pirate Park

Thank you for your support, we’re looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, 27 March as we go ‘Round the World for Reilly – a great day for a great cause!

Looking to host your own special fundraising event? Contact us here, we’d love to help in your planning.