The Smiley Reilly Project

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Together we achieved great things....

Our mission was to provide fun, positive experiences to bereaved families to help them navigate their new path in life following the loss of their precious child or children. We gave families a chance to smile a little for no reason, to do something fun, and most importantly, to connect with other bereaved families.

We are so proud of what we have managed to do over the last seven years. We’ve hosted many events, worked one-on-one with families, advocated for the importance of on-going support for bereaved families and celebrated the children of hundreds of bereaved families across Australia. So instead of sadness at closing, we are celebrating the amazing things we achieved:-

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Get Support

Reilly’s Room

A safe space to access further support services and information for bereaved families, their family, and friends.This list includes oraganisations that may be of interest to bereaved families, their family, and friends.